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The USA is going through some hard times right now. It seems to be hitting everyone in some way, shape, or form. Why would I be any exception? It has always been my dream to become a well-rounded artist and work for a major company producing top quality products. As time goes by I’ve come to realize that this was only a dream. A dream based on facts and ideas accumulated from my youth. Due to today’s current events I will just have to put my dreams on hold and focus on the bigger picture. I haven’t given up on that dream but I just come to realize that life is so much more than that. I wasn’t thinking big enough. Why settle for the moon when the stars are the limit and even that is up for debate. This is where PLAN B comes into play. Stay tuned for more updates as I trailblaze my way to success. Wish me luck! 🙂


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This is my very first post on my new blog! I also just created my portfolio on the DeviantArt website. Check it out and tell me what you think?? I’m a starving artist on my way to being the next Disney. Drop by and check out my future posts.

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